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23 October 2015: Aibel lands converter station contract for the Johan Sverdrup Field

23 October 2015

Aibel has been awarded the contract to build the converter station that will provide power from shore to the Johan Sverdrup field. The station will be built at Haugsneset, east of Karsto in Rogaland.

The contract involves the construction of the onshore converter building and pumphouse with all the requisite equipment. In addition, about four kilometres of AC and fibre optic cables will be laid from the terminal at Karsto to the converter at Haugsneset.

At Haugsneset, the alternating current will be converted to direct current before it passes through 200 kilometres of power cables to the Johan Sverdrup field. At the field centre, the direct current will be converted back into alternating current. This will supply the various installations in the field centre with power from shore. In this way, CO2 emissions will be significantly reduced.

The work will start immediately with the initial phase involving 60 people. The work is scheduled to be completed in September 2018. The contract is worth around NOK 600 million ($70 million). ABB has been awarded the other two contracts for supply of power cables and rectifier technology.


22 October 2015: Technip awarded flexible pipe contract for Layang Oil Field


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