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16 February 2016: Aibel working on Johan Sverdrup Phase 2 Development

16 February 2016

Aibel is one of the companies working on a C study for the second phase of the Johan Sverdrup development.

Aibel's assignment is to consider a module based solution for a new process platform at the field centre for future phases for Johan Sverdrup. This is a similar concept to the one used for the Johan Sverdrup Drilling platform, which Aibel is currently realising. The results of the study will form important input in the decision making process for Statoil's choice of concept for the next development phase.

Aibel's team started working on the C study in January and will continue throughout June. On average, the study will involve around 35 employees. This is Aibel's third Johan Sverdrup assignment. The EPC contract for the field's drilling platform was awarded in February 2015, whilst the EPC contract for the Haugsneset converter station was awarded in October  2015.