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22 January 2016: Hyundai Chemical expands Petrochemical Plant using technology from Honeywell UOP

22 January 2016

Hyundai Chemical Co. will use Honeywell UOP technology to expand its petrochemicals complex in Daesan, South Korea, allowing it to make its own feedstock material to boost profitability.

The facility will use technology as well as modular equipment from Honeywell UOP to allow the plant to make mixed xylenes, a critical feedstock used by the plant to produce paraxylene, a building block for synthetic fibres, packaging and plastics that is in high demand in Asia.

Back-integrating the facility to make its own feedstock will reduce the plant's dependence on imports of mixed xylenes and its exposure to the volatile market for the feedstock. The plant currently uses Honeywell UOP technology to produce paraxylene.

In addition to licensing, Honeywell UOP will provide the basic engineering, commissioning services, training services, proprietary equipment, catalysts and adsorbents for the new portion of the complex, which is expected to come online later in 2016.